Hurt less. Move more. Live better.

Mission: Using therapeutic massage I aim to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve muscular performance to enhance the daily lives of all of my clients.

Bringing the therapeutic massage clinic to you in Lake County or Sacramento and offering  time slots at the Muscle Matrix Gym studio in Hidden Valley Lake.

Philosophy: My philosophy is that individuals can live relatively pain free and active lifestyles absent major injury or defect but must be willing to fulfill their part of the treatment plan as discussed and advised to them.

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Our rates apply to any bodywork services without a separate rate mentioned. I use a combination of techniques from modalities to create the perfect session for you, depending on your needs. Price includes kinesiotaping with Rocktape.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

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    Derrick did an awesome job fixing all of my fatigued muscles, and backache. He is diligent and makes sure that all his customers are satisfied. After leaving Derrick's care I felt rejuvenated and very satisfied. Any problem you have with your muscles, Derrick can take care of it!
  • 5
    I highly recommend Derrick McClure! I spent over 10 years suffering from low back pain that he was able to rid me of, after just two hours! He worked my low back in a way no other massage therapist ever has, and it worked! He is very knowledgeable and I will continue to see him for regular monthly maintenance and continue doing the corrective actions he gives me.
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    Derrick's motto says it all; Hurt less, move more, live better! I have worked with more massage practitioners than I can remember. Derrick is simply better educated, better trained, and more invested than any other massage therapist I know. He really listens to his clients and looks to make long-term goals whenever possible, versus just short-term relief. His credentials say it all. You wouldn't work with a contractor without credentials, why let someone without training work on your body?
  • 5
    Derrick McClure CREATES MIRACLES!!!   What he does with Rock Tape is AMAZING!  Not only is he exceptionally well trained, with many advanced degrees in his field, he is the CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL!!!  He comes to you, in the comfort of your home with a nice table and clean sheets. He always arrives on time, is nicely dressed, wonderfully polite, sincerely concerned over what is causing you pain, and bound & determined to “fix it!”  This man knows what he’s doing!!!!!   With his “Trigger Points” concentration,  he gets you feeling TREMENDOUSLY BETTER IN NO TIME AT ALL!!!  I highly recommend!!!  He’s a “Class Act” all the way; and a genuinely nice person!!!

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